Saturday, July 16, 2005

Inside the amphitheater, the Braffies are just moments away. I'm out here now with director Joel Schumacher, a finalist for the Braffy nomination who just didn't make the cut. Joel, thanks for coming out.

My pleasure, Lons. Always happy to meet a fan.

I hate you.

Yeah, everyone pretty much does. I guess I deserve that.

So, tell me, what is it like to be a film director and have every single fan of the cinema worldwide hate your guts?

It's pretty great. I mean, I drive a nice car, I've slept with lots of hotel models, and I live in a palacial estate. So what if fat nerdy losers don't like my Batman movies?

Yeah, but, I mean, doesn't it bother you that your craft, your life's work, has all been for nothing? That you've toiled for over 30 years now advancing a career that will forever be synonymous with rejection and failure? That even your relative triumphs, the Lost Boys or Falling Downs, are nothing more than light, disposable entertainments, likely to be forgotten by the mainstream while you are still alive?

Not really.

Come on...

I guess a little.

Let it out, Joel...this is what the Braffies are all about...

I can't take it any more! You win! I'm a hopeless miserable failure, alright? Maybe the worst director working today! Fine! I admit it! You happy now?

Thanks, Joel. You've been great. Hey, I'll see you inside, okay?

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