Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Double Fantasia

My friend, who goes by the online pseudonym C. Babbitt, has ventured to Montreal this week for the FanTasia film festival. It's one of the many international film festivals I've always wanted to attend, a yearly gathering in Canada focusing on genre cinema (including anime, action, sci-fi and even some more straight-ahead dramas).

You can check out his coverage on Ain't It Cool News here, or the more extensive coverage from Mr. Babbitt and his lady friend on Cine Geeks. In particular, I'm curious about a film they have both reviewed entitled Mind Game. Any anime that earns comparison to David Lynch sounds good to me.

As I said, I've always wanted to go check out one of these film festivals, and just hang out for a week or so watching entirely too many movies. I've been to the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and attended some films from a variety of LA events, but I've never wanted to actually spend the money and the time to travel, just in order to see some movies.

It's this lack of commitment that keeps me from being a true full-blooded geek. I know people going to the San Diego Comic Convention this week as well, another event I'd probably enjoy if I could just get past my distaste for crowds and overall lack of enthusiasm for leaving my apartment.


Cory said...

C. Babbit as in Charles Babbitt, the inventer of the computer?

Let me be surely not the first to say...


Horsey said...

Wasn't his name Babbage? Charles Babbage? Or was that part of the joke...Cory I curse you!

Man I've wanted to go to the Comic Con for so long. Mainly because I still have hope that I will be able to sell the comic script I wrote when I was 12. ("Captain Cockroach vs. The Canibal Queen of Domestika VI" is a tale which stands the test of time and logic.)

Lons said...

Yeah, computer guy is Charles Babbage (hence the 80's computer store name, Babbage's).

C. Babbitt has named himself after Tom Cruise's character from "Rain Man," his favorite movie.