Friday, July 15, 2005


Don't read this. It's gross.

Seriously? You still want to keep going?

Okay, fine, whatever...perv...

You remember how I was talking before on the blog here about bestiality? And that weird Neitschze guy kept challenging my belief that so-called "petism" is wrong? Well, it appears that, courtesy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (linked helpfully by FARK), there may be some new insight provided into this case.

King County sheriff's detectives are investigating possible animal cruelty at a farm near Enumclaw that apparently has attracted "a significant number of people" to have sex with animals, a sheriff's spokesman said Thursday.

So, already, you have to be wondering...a significant number of people? How many people have to fuck a goat in order for that number to be considered "significant"? Is it more than 1?

Okay, so, now here's the part that's so disgusting, I suggested you just skip this article and re-vote for the Braffies or something...

The investigation was launched this month after authorities discovered the July 2 death of a man who suffered internal bleeding after engaging in anal sex with a horse at the farm, Sgt. John Urquhart said.

Authorities are not releasing the man's identity because the King County medical examiner has ruled his death accidental. The victim was in his 40s, Urquhart said.

Oh, sweet Lord, no!

See, a man dying of internal bleeding after having anal sex with a horse seems to indicate that...he was on the receiving end of that particular transaction.

I mean, seriously, this is the sort of story for which the very concept of the Blog was invented.

I love that the coroner then had to rule the death "accidental." As if there were any remaining doubt about that. I guess they had to determine whether the horse knew he was hurting the guy, or just thought the guy liked it kind of rough. Oh, and from what I understand, the horse actually competed in equestrian events, so this sort of embarrassing incident will definitely affect his endorsement deals.

Bestiality is not illegal in Washington state.

"Just sex with an animal per se, you'd have to prove some sort of animal cruelty out of that and that's why we've got more investigating to do," Urquhart said.

I mean, allowing a horse to have sex with your pooper, I suppose, is kind of close to the line on this one. My argument has always been that sex without consent constitutes cruelty, and since an animal cannot provide a human with proper consent, one should not make love to it. But, there's very little chance the horse didn't enjoy this particular sexual encounter...let's face it.

The Humane Society of the United States intends to use the case during the next state legislative session as an example of why sex with animals should be outlawed in Washington, said Bob Reder, a Humane Society regional director in Seattle.

I must say, I am kind of surprised this is still an issue. I had assumed bestiality was illegal everywhere in the US.


Cory said...

whatever, the horse totally wanted it...what a slut.

Horsey said...

Everytime I think that the internet has rendered me immune to further shocks, I hear about a horse fucking a man to death, and I am shocked anew. Bravo Lons, bravo.

BTW on that note I should mention I have a link tracker embeded in my blog. Sometimes people end up on my site after searching for the most bizzare things. A guy from Amman searched for "Horsey Fucking", and apparently ended up on my blog.

I hope he left satisfied.