Saturday, April 18, 2009



What I love about this image the most is the expression on the urinator's face. Is he surprised to feel a red line signaling "electricity" surging through his torso? Or is that just this author's interpretation of the face dude's make when we relieve ourselves. He's like the Mona Lisa of illustrations warning you not to pee on to wires.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gotta Be Honest...This Could Kill Twitter for Me

Oprah's Twitter page is gross.

I hate everything about minor celebrities like Ashton Kutcher attempting to ride Twitter to 12 extra seconds of notoriety.  (Make no mistake...This is not about charity or technology or anything else.  Ashton makes shit movies and shit websites and he is just latching on to a fad a few years late so that he can get on Larry King.  It's cynical and pathetic.  John Krasinski's on Twitter, too, but you don't hear him blustering about it every five minutes, because he can talk about his hit show and the movie he just directed.) 

But honestly, major celebrities with splashy Twitter ego pages may be even worse.  The one thing saving it for me is that I just don't have to follow any of these people, so I can sort of block it out.  But Diddy and the guy from "My Boss' Daughter" pontificating to CNN about technology like they're Jobs and Wozniak is just a lot to stomach.

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The 30 Best Kanye West Blingees

How did they possibly settle on just 30?

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Goofy videos, @shiralazar, a HUGE announcement and me singing "Les Miz" on TWIYT #41

Tune in next Friday at 10 am PST/1 pm EST for the first-ever This Week in YouTube LIVE EDITION on UStream!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I mean...differ from the President on Tax Policy if you must...but come on. This is hardly going to be persuasive.

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Disturbing Strokes

I'll never be able to watch this show the same way.

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Shorter George Will: "Men should dress like Fred Astaire! Video games rot your brain! Now get off my lawn!"

Denim is the infantile uniform of a nation in which entertainment frequently features childlike adults ("Seinfeld," "Two and a Half Men") and cartoons for adults ("King of the Hill"). Seventy-five percent of American "gamers" -- people who play video games -- are older than 18 and nevertheless are allowed to vote. In their undifferentiated dress, children and their childish parents become undifferentiated audiences for juvenilized movies (the six -- so far -- "Batman" adventures and "Indiana Jones and the Credit-Default Swaps," coming soon to a cineplex near you). Denim is the clerical vestment for the priesthood of all believers in democracy's catechism of leveling -- thou shalt not dress better than society's most slovenly. To do so would be to commit the sin of lookism -- of believing that appearance matters.

Jesus, this guy needs help. It's like one of those rare, asexual outbursts from Humbert Humbert. Maybe people like jeans because they are comfortable, George, and they wear them around town because they're not overly concerned with impressing your ignorant, crotchety old ass. Now go have an Ensure and a smile and leave the observational comedy to under-85's, anyone really whose understanding of American pop culture extends beyond the fucking Howdy Doody show.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

WARNING: Do not actually go to! You've been warned!

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Look at this fucking hipster

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"Transformers 2" is totally Michael Bay's Best Movie Evar!!!!! it's better than "Bad Boys 2"? Is that even possible? How many large Cuban villages are decimated by brash, cocky American police officers in this film? Because, I'll be honest, post-BB2, that's my barometer of film quality.

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Zooey Deschanel's Cotton Commercial is Annoying

Oooooh, she's so adorably indie! She still shops for records! She wears vintage dresses!

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Citizen Kane in stunning 3D!

If you have 3D glasses handy, this actually looks pretty good. (Yeah, we have 3D glasses sitting around in Mahalo HQ. Thanks, Eliot!)

Also: Way #13869 that you know people on the Internet are dumb...The blogger had to note at the bottom of the post that a 3D "Citizen Kane" is not coming to an IMAX near you.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blitzen Trapper in a basement

If you haven't been listening to Blitzen Trapper, you're doing yourself a great disservice. I highly recommend 2008's "Furr."

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Japanese "Sideways"

Because stories about drunk losers who are stuck in the past and their sleazy, self-involved college buddies are universal.

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