Friday, February 06, 2009

Steve Wonder AND The Jonas Brothers? I've got to sit down...

You know what's really amazing about this Grammy performance line-up? It includes Carrie Underwood AND Kid Rock, and I'm still looking at it thinking..."Hey, this is much better than usual!" I'll be covering the show LIVE for Mahalo on Sunday. Here's where you can keep up with all the hot, sensual, exciting Kenny Chesney action.

A Few Words About Michael Phelps

On the radio earlier this morning, Adam Carolla was talking about how the person who photographed Michael Phelps smoking from a bong and then sold the photo was an asshole. I've seen several comments on Twitter to this effect a well. I agree, it's not the nicest thing to do, and it's greedy, and that's a person you wouldn't invite to your next raucous collegiate get-together.

But come on...That person just took advantage of an insane society that actually cares if a guy in his early 20s takes a few b-rips at a party. It shouldn't be a big deal to snap a photo of one of your goofball friends smoking pot because it's not a big deal to smoke pot. The real culprits here are the bizarre hypocrites who are even pretending to be outraged by this photo. Getting angry at a young celebrity for smoking pot is like getting angry at Christian Bale for loudly telling off some guy. That's what they do!

Punishing and condemning a guy for doing a thing that harms actually no one, and is a good deal of fun, and has been done at least a few times by the vast, vast majority of teenage and adult Americans makes absolutely no sense. Suspending him from the USA swim team for 3 months is ludicrous. How many other people on that swim team have smoked pot ONCE and just happened to not be photographed at the time? Have we checked all their Facebook pages?

Basically, my point is, Afroman should publicly apologize for getting high. I'm pretty sure I've seen that guy photographed smoking pot on his own album covers.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Can Someone Seriously Explain This To Me?

For real. I don't get it. What the hell IS this? Is this supposed to be for children? Is it meant to be funny? Is this ironic? Why is this happening?

I mean, okay...Steve Martin's not actually funny any more. Fine. Fair enough. It happens. But that doesn't begin to explain this video.