Friday, November 27, 2009

Is Scottsdale, Arizona and Newport Beach, CA in da houze?

Finally, elderly white folks with questionable ideas about politics and constitutional law have an MC to call their own.

Seriously, though, this video from Hi Caliber, the conservative Tea Party rapper, really must be seen to be believed. It's like Chuck D and Glenn Beck had a child, and it didn't just realize it was a freak of nature and take its own life immediately upon exiting the womb/laboratory test tube.

Also, I love that Hi Calbier reflexively harken back to the '80s and Ronald Reagan as the standard-bearer of good conservative leadership. Surely he's supported at least one, but more than likely 2, conservative presidents since then. I looked around for his dope mid-aughts rhymes against President Bush's overreach and fiscally irresponsible policies, but I guess YouTube must have deleted those. That is so ill.

Posted via web from Lon Harris