Sunday, February 06, 2005

Less Than Super Sunday

I have thrown my neck out again. It is worse than before. I have wormed out of the Super Bowl party I intended to go to so I can lay on my couch in the one oblong position which does not cause my neck and shoulder excessive strain.

So I'm here in my apartment alone facing a quandary. As I don't actually like or care about football, is it even worth watching this game? Am I that much of a sheep, that I would view a 3 hour sporting event about which I couldn't care less, just because it's become a traditional American activity?

The answer is, of course. If I didn't watch, I'd feel that I was missing out on some shared experience, particularly if something salient (like last year's nipple slip) were to happen mid-game. (Come to think of it, for entirely different reasons, I watched last year's Super Bowl alone in my apartment as well...and I never went to my High School that's non-conformist enough, I suppose.)

I may flip the game off soon after it begins, though, if nothing really interesting happens. I rented Troy from the store and haven't ever seen it, and now that I have ultra-super-working 5.1 surround finally working with my receiver, I may be tempted to throw that on.

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