Sunday, February 06, 2005


The unimaginable has happened. Sam Raimi has announced that there will be an Evil Dead 4, directed by himself and starring The Man, The Legend Himself, Bruce Campbell. It's true! In an interview with horror site Bloody Disgusting, he confirms that there will in fact be another Evil Dead movie for dorky fanboys like myself to obsess over.

Perhaps you are one of the sad bastards who has not seen and enjoyed Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. If you are, please, do yourself a favor and get your ass to a video store. (Might I recommend Laser Blazer, rated Los Angeles' #1 DVD store by some reputable news source, probably). They're terrific films, seamlessly blending horror, action, violence and comedy. I'm convinced that some of the physical comedy in Evil Dead 2 is the closest we'll ever get to seeing a live-action Chuck Jones cartoon.

And, as fans of the series know, Army of Darkness ends in a cliffhanger. Ash remains trapped in time, surrounded by evil and low on gas. What's happened is, after being catapulted into the distant past by the evil powers hidden within the Necronomicon (or Book of the Dead), Ash has managed to get himself flung forward in time. But he has gone to far, jumping past his own time (the present) and into a distant, apocalyptic future. And that's where, I assume, Evil Dead 4 will begin.

Raimi also indicates that he'll produce a remake of the original 2 Evil Dead films, to be directed by someone else. This, I'm not so sure about. If it was someone who wanted to take the idea in a completely different direction and just use the Evil Dead name for marketing, that'd be fine with me. But why bother redoing a movie that was made so well the first time? And any other actor playing Ash will just feel kind of wrong to me.

Aint It Cool News hints that Raimi may be tapping Chan Wook-Park, of the very well received but unseen by me Oldboy, to direct and that certainly sounds promising. I'm all for giving cool, little-known Asian directors a shot at a known property. But I'll need to be convinced that Evil Dead 2 requires remaking. We'll see.

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