Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dean Elected Chairman of the DNC

Leave it to Howard Dean. He comes from behind, following his horrific burnout during the Democratic primary, to win the top post in the Democratic National Committee, and this is the first press photo released. It looks like he's being attacked from behind by a gay penguin. That, or he's doing his best Yakov Smirinoff impression. Or he's telling everyone about that time he "caught a fish this big."

And look at his predecessor, poor Terry McAuliffe, smiling through the tears. I saw him give an interview a few weeks ago where he genuinely seemed incredulous about being replaced. The guy's lost, what, 500 elections at this point? If this were any other industry than politics, he'd have been shitcanned faster than you can say "unfortunate downsizing of leadership personnel."

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