Wednesday, February 09, 2005

And Now The Least Boring Blog Of the Day

I thought it only appropriate to follow up Bob "Sleepy-Time" Aagard with this fascinating blog, wonderfully entitled Raised Like A Veal By Maniacs. Good one.

Here's how the main blogger, Whitey, describes his site:

A migraine-inducing glimpse at the life and times of Whitey, a bipolar punk with a history of contradictions. In a world full of temptations, Whitey accepts that it's best for all concerned if he takes his meds.

Sounds good so far. In only a few minutes of scanning the site, I have discovered that Whitey is a reformed heroin addict, the owner of a variety of guns and other weapons, and has bi-polar disorder. Now, that makes for some interesting blogging!

I often wish my life was more interesting so I could give you guys some more bang for your proverbial buck. (I say proverbial only because no one has yet taken me up on my generous subscription offer.) But what can I say? I see a lot of movies and comedy, and work in a video store.

I suppose I could flash a gun for a visiting neighbor before threatning them with a lawsuit, as Whitey seems fond of doing, but that's just not me, folks. Not my style. I'm more the go-through-your-belongings-when-you're-not-around-and-then-tell-all-the-visitors-to-your-website-about-it kind of creep.

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