Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Ventriloquists: Live at RJ's

Los Angeles' sage-like Masters of Funk, the Ventriloquists, will be performing at RJ's in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, the 23rd. I highly recommend that you attend. And if you are unable to attend, I highly recommend that you go on Ebay starting Sunday morning to start bidding on bootleg recordings of specious quality.

A Ventriloquists show is not a mere rock show, with its preening hipsters, juvenile moshers and lethargic bartending staff who won't even give you a fucking Jack and Coke despite the fact that you've been hovering around the bar area for several minutes, clearly attempting through a series of eyebrow and arm gestures to express your desire for a beverage refill before The Bravery finish their 20 minute set featuring every song they've ever written plus two covers. Nay!

A Ventriloquists show is more like a communal gathering, a coming-together of like-minded people interesting in dancing to songs about unfortunate individuals who do a lot of gack. And last time, there were actual French Canadians in attendance, I shit you not.

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