Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Bald and the Beautiful

I read V for Vendetta a few years ago, during a time when I tried to read as many popular graphic novels as possible, and quite enjoyed it, but I'm very surprised they're making it into a movie all the same.

Particularly considering that the hero, the "V" of the title, is essentially a terrorist. Now, granted, he's bringing down a corrupt, totalitarian government, and he's pursuing his quest for selfish, personal reasons rather than on behalf of, say, Allah. But still, any film making any terrorist seem at all sympathetic is going to be a hard sell in 2005 America.

It helps that the film was written by the Wachowskis, the bizarre bearded brothers who brought you passable-to-good movies like Bound and The Matrix and miserable disgusting failures like The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. And that Matrix video game no one plays.

It also helps that it stars a bald-but-still-sexy Natalie Portman, Stephen Rea and Hugo Weaving. Oh, and the trailer kicks ass. It looks pretty stylish and cool, and not campy, which is your biggest fear when talking about a movie about a guy in a white mask throwing daggers at people. Here's hoping it works.

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pajamo said...

Actually, I was surprised at a terrorist film coming our in 2005 UNTIL I saw that the film was being produced by the Warchoski's. In essence, aren't the heroes of The Matrix trilogy terrorist? In fac,t the first film even has a scene where Morpheous tells Neo that the people that are "asleep", the ones like the security gaurds they kill indescriminatly at the end, are essentially the enemy, along the lines of the old "if you not with us, your against us" ideology.

In fact, that what I kinda liked about The Matrix and Fincher's Fight Club.

pre 9/11 the terrorist was basically the subversive element.

Now, they make many folks very uncomfortable.

I hope V is good although I thought the trailer was so-so. Looked well, shot, had hottie Sinead clone Portman, and V looks exactly like the comic but... it felt kinda "been there, done that."

I hope I'm wrong. I want it to kick ass.

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