Saturday, May 21, 2005

Let Me Help You With That, Mr. President

Goofy-looking pictures of famous people are always popping up online. Most of the time, no matter how funny the picture, you can tell the subject was involved in some non-embarrassing activity at the time, and the photo merely came out looking strange or silly. But here's a hilarious picture of the President that I can't really explain satisfactorily. What was possibly going on when this picture was taken?

Okay, what is that guy working on down there? A microphone? Why would we need to amplify the sounds of Bush's crotch? Does his left testicle sometimes have information to add? Maybe that's where Scott McClellan's hiding, in case he needs to remind Bush about what exact form of bullshit they're spewing this week. ("Okay, W, you ready? If you get nervous, just scratch me down here and I'll feed you your lines...Activist judges bad, conservative judges good, gays still very bad, Iraq still going very well, Saddam in his undies bad, Newsweek bad, Koran good. Go for it!")

And why is that guy pushing up behind him like that? That's clearly an invasion of the President's personal space. And the guy clearly knows his picture's being taken...he's smiling for the camera!

Many many many thanks to Content Whore for the picture.


Cory said...

Looks like that pic may have been doctored - almost too good to be true. The guy behind Bush is the best part.

Kazumoto Inukaro said...

What about the guy growing out of the ass of the guy behind Bush? So many nuances in that photo.