Saturday, May 21, 2005

High On Star

Here's a tip...If you are trafficking in large amounts of marijuana, don't get OnStar security service for your car. Why? Let's consider the case of the unfortunate Mr. Alfredo Ibarra.

Ibarra's your typical Albaquerque family man, who just happens to have 1,700 pounds of marijuana stowed away in a new trailer on his property. And I mean, who among us hasn't been in that situation before? You've come across $50,000 worth of illegal narcotics, you've got to hang on to it for a few days, so you buy a triler and leave it sitting on your front lawn. Obvious, right? No problem.

But here's where the story turns really regrettable. Alfredo's young son managed to lock himself inside the family Escalade, parked outside the family home. While Alfredo's coaxing the small boy to open the door, the kid goes and hits the OnStar button.

Sherriff's deputies hear of the emergency, rush to the scene, free the young boy...and, hey, why not have a look at that oddly out-of-place new trailer? I mean, as long as we're here.

So, yeah, Alfredo and his friends are gonna do some jail time. And 1,700 pounds of marijuana's just going to go to waste, just sitting in some storage locker until the next Albaquerque Sherriff's Department Reggae Night and Wet T-Shirt Contest.

All because of OnStar! Oh, yes, and massive stupidity. That, too. But mostly OnStar!

1000 thank you's to FARK for the link.

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Anonymous said...

F the sheriffs department. The trailer was not new and was not in plain sight. It was locked inside a garage that was not owned by Alfredo Ibarra.