Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gawker is Several Years Late to the Party

Here's the latest breaking news from the hot gossip site:

Zach Braff Is Without Worth

Well, you don't say...

The piece then goes on to praise Garden State while insisting that Braff should be shunned because he's not hot enough.

Zach snuck his way into famousosity through Garden State, a tour de force which singlehandledly called a cultural truce between the I Heart Huckabees/Wolf Parade/Unbearable Lightness of Being crowd and those who list The DaVinci Code among their favorite books on Friendster. For a brief moment, hipsters laid down their iPods and douchbankers put aside their engraved moneyclips, and the world united to agree that this was a good movie.

What the hell are you talking about? That movie's terrible and most reasonably intelligent people could tell! And this whole notion of an I Heart Huckabees/Wolf Parade crowd is just silly reference-dropping. I know many many people who like one of those things and not the other; it hardly represents a unified front of taste. (I could maybe accept an I Heart Huckabees/Decemberists crowd...maybe). I personally happen to like both I Heart Huckabees and Wolf Parade a great deal, but then, I hated Garden State.

Maybe in another few years, Gawker will manage to slam Zach Braff in a way that makes sense, but this is a solid start.

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Diggita aka Sweet Dick Willy said...

Nope, I def like the Huckabees/Wolf Parade better, Decembrists won't stop annoying me. Never read ULOFB, though, even though people in movies seem to keep talking about it. Is it any good? Also, I have mixed feelings about Garden State, but the riffing on SNL when Braff hosted was pretty funny. The actually said the soundtrack was "like a Pitchfork mixed tape". How many viewers are gonna laugh at that one?