Wednesday, February 06, 2008

McCain the Favorite of Dumbshits Who Don't Pay Attention

How else to explain this headline?

McCain the favorite of anti-war Republicans.

The weird thing about that is...McCain totally isn't against the war. Or any other war. As near as I can tell, he's just a general fan of the whole enterprise of war. He celebrates war's entire catalog.

If you're an anti-war Republican, you should do one of four things:

(1) Try to ignore all the crazy stuff and vote Ron Paul

(2) Switch parties

(3) Protest the lack of viable anti-war Republican candidates by not voting

(4) Shoot yourself in the face because you suck at life

I'm not seeing "vote for John McCain even though, if the Iraq War were a teenage girl, he'd be standing beneath its bedroom window hoisting above his head a boombox bumping 'In Your Eyes'" anywhere on that list. Fancy that...

Seriously, this kind of thing makes me want to stop following politics altogether. Paying attention to literally any other kind of news would be more satisfying. Perhaps I'll start blogging more hip hop feuds...

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And he has a looooong straw.