Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Do We Still Have to Let Them Vote?

Hundreds of angry Virginians called their State Election Board today to find out why their polling places weren't open, apparently unaware that their state does not vote on Super Tuesday. (So, really, how Super could it be?) This is almost as bad as the anti-war Republicans who voted for the crotchety 100-year-old warmonger. (Carl Reiner and John McCain should really take the "Crotchety 100-Year-Old Warmonger" routine on the road if this whole presidential thing doesn't work out...)

For some reason, people hear that everyone across America is doing something, anything, and they want to do it to. "What? Meet the Spartans is the #1 comedy in America? Let's go right now! I do not find that kind of comedy lazy at all! Instead, I find references to Chris Crocker's YouTube videos witty and inventive!"

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