Monday, June 13, 2005

He Had a Quiet Way About Him

A man has escaped from prison in the course of 1 hour all Shawshank Redemption style - by cutting a hole in the wall and crawling down a fire escape.

Police said he appeared to have cut or torn a hole in the cell's drywall and ripped up a metal security mesh sandwiched inside the wall before crawling out and leaving through a fire exit.

He had been searched before being put in the cell, but when police checked on him an hour later he had vanished.

That's pretty amazing. This is like some sort of a super-homeless guy. Why is this guy homeless at all? He can cut through drywall like cellophane, and he's clever enough to pull off a prison escape with guards around in under an hour? He can't handle a gig at Starbucks? Hell, we'd take him down at the Laser Blazer! We could use some ingenuity.

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