Friday, April 17, 2009

Gotta Be Honest...This Could Kill Twitter for Me

Oprah's Twitter page is gross.

I hate everything about minor celebrities like Ashton Kutcher attempting to ride Twitter to 12 extra seconds of notoriety.  (Make no mistake...This is not about charity or technology or anything else.  Ashton makes shit movies and shit websites and he is just latching on to a fad a few years late so that he can get on Larry King.  It's cynical and pathetic.  John Krasinski's on Twitter, too, but you don't hear him blustering about it every five minutes, because he can talk about his hit show and the movie he just directed.) 

But honestly, major celebrities with splashy Twitter ego pages may be even worse.  The one thing saving it for me is that I just don't have to follow any of these people, so I can sort of block it out.  But Diddy and the guy from "My Boss' Daughter" pontificating to CNN about technology like they're Jobs and Wozniak is just a lot to stomach.

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Donald said...

I couldn't agree with you more; every time there's something that the geek community can rally behind it seams to turn into some pop-culture fad.

Anonymous said...

Actually, John's not on Twitter, so I don't know who you're following, but he's not the real John Krasinski.

If you want proof, ask him what are the initials of his newborn nephew. The answer should be HHK.

A Mother's Tears said...
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Nathan said...

I saw Ass Kooch on Real Time recently. I like Maher and everything, but he really needs to start getting better guests. That Kooch was less irritating than half the guests he's had on recently really says something. i.e. Michael Eric Dyson needs to vanish in a poof of smoke and never be heard from again.