Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Complete #YouTube2009 Best-Of Video Collection

Here's my full list of 2009's Best YouTube videos.  I've been sending them out slowly, one by one, via Twitter, but I barely made a dent in the list.  So now here's the entire thing, put together at last, for your continued enjoyment.  Use it wisely, kids.

Foar Everywun Frum Boxxy
Aretha Franklin Crazy Inauguration Hat

Christian Bale Freak-out:

[PARODIES: Charlie Loses it, Michael Cera Freakout on the set of "Youth in Revolt", Christian Bale meets David After Dentist]

David After Dentist
Crazy Asian lady misses flight
32 songs in 8 minutes
Twouble with Twitters
Snakes on a Plane (TV Edit)
Prop 8: The Musical

Play him off, keyboard cat:

[PARODY: Super Keyboard Cat Bros.]

"Blame It" Spoof with Barack Obama
Stephon Marbury Crying
Billy Mays: The Rap Tribute

2012: It's a Disaster!:

I'm Not Here to Make Friends '09
Teen Girl Falls in Open Manhole While Texting
Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?
Understanding Automatic Door Fail
8-bit trip
Inglourious Plummers
Taylor Swift VMA Award Moment Ruined by Kanye West

Roman Polanski on To Catch a Predator:

Jon LaJoie: I Kill People
Best drunk dude ever attempts to buy more beer
Cat Ladies trailer
Bat (Remi Gaillard in a Bat Costume)

Poker Faces (Lady Gaga vs. Cartman vs. Christopher Walken):

Pigeon: Impossible
JK Wedding Dance
Evian Roller Babies
Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog
Forklift smashes massive vodka stock

Auto-Tune the News #8:

Tosh.0 Why Must I Cry Remix
DJ Steve Porter: Slap Chop Rap
DJ Steve Porter: Press Hop
Goldberg calls Beck "lying sack of dog mess"

I'm on a Boat:

[PARODY: I'm in a Box]

Two Guys Who Spend Too Much Time Together
Vanilla Ice Apology
Celtics Jumbotron Fan Dance
911 Eucalyptus Call
Nunchuk Fail
Saturday Morning Watchmen

Flight Attendant Rap:

Patrick Duffy and The Crab
P Twitty
Paris Hilton Loves Things and Stuff
Star Wars-Dallas Opening
Jesus Pwn3d U

C Me Dance Trailer:

Let Me Twitter Dat
Learning Guitar to Get Laid
PS22 Chorus Eye of the Tiger
Moms on the Net
My Little Pony: Live Action Trailer
Obnoxious Groundhog
Wanda Sykes White House Correspondents Dinner
Paulina Wild and Crazy Nights

Mr. T Take Me Out to the Ball Game:

The Boyfriend Experience
Han Solo PI
New Moon Trailer Reaction
Sarah Silverman Webby Awards
Bret Michaels Tony Awards

Jay-Z Cure Mash-up:

World of Warcraft Freakout
Hamster in a Wok
Squirrel in Woman's Cleavage
White Girls Bill Cosby Impressions
Nirvana vs Rick Astley
Shake Weight

Make The Girl Dance:

[PARODY: Naked Girls Get Interrupted]

Biz Markie Just a Friend Literal Video

Hitler Subtitle Meme: FriendFeed, Avatar, Balloon Boy
While I Was Away
It's Time for the Percolator
Mad Men in 60 Seconds

Paper Towels Infomercial:

56-Year-Old Virgin
Bus Fight Chinatown San Francisco
Breakdancer Kicks Cat
Parachute Fail
Sittin on Tha Toilet
Jones' Cheap Ass Prepaid Legal and Daycare Academy

Puppy Snooki Punch:

Sex Offender Shuffle
The Juggalo Gathering 2009
Sasquatch Festival Dance Party
inspector Gadget theme song played on beer bottles
Hammer Pants Dance
Redneck Wants to Impeach Obama
Hey! Jurassic Park Video

Amazing Ball Flip:

Danny MacAskill Inspired Bicycles
Kutiman ThruYou
Her Morning Elegance Oren Lavie
Deadline Post-It Stop Motion

Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able

Voca People
100 Greatest Hits of YouTube in 4 Minutes
The Golden Age of Video (Ricardo Autobahn)

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