Thursday, August 06, 2009

Limbaugh compares Obama Health Care logo to Nazi Reichsadler

There are only two possibilities, to my mind:

(1) The similarity is unintentional. The Obama logo combines a familiar symbol for doctors/medical care along with the classic "Obama logo" from the 2008 campaign. It's just similar shapes.

(2) The similarity is intentional, and Obama is a Shadow Nazi. He's stupidly revealing to us his actual, dark intentions, via the use of logos, and Rush Limbaugh's the only American savvy enough to put the pieces together, sort of like a paranoia-and-Oxycontin-fueled, obese version of Tom Hanks in the "Da Vinci Code."

Can't really decide, though...Both options seem so plausible.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, given the silencing of criticizm and fort nox type clampdown on his history, asking us to buy his informercial books instead, I'm leaning the latter...

Lons said...

OK, first..."criticism," "Fort Knox," "infomercial books?" Does not compute.

Next...really? You feel that criticism of Barack Obama has been silenced? So calling him a socialist fascist America-hating racist who was born in Kenya, this is flattering commentary?

Marlowe said...

I think Anonny here's one of those Constitutional scholars who thinks making fun of what he says is the same thing as censoring him.

Riva said...

This is interesting. My question is, are CATS covered under Obama family health care plan?