Saturday, August 08, 2009

Is Michael Cera just teenaged American Hugh Grant?

This compilation of scenes of Cera doing his trademark "mumbly embarrassed guy" schtick certainly makes the case that he's been permanently and horrifically typecast. I've seen all these movies/shows save "Nick and Nora" and even I occasionally would need a minute to figure out where a given clip came from. This guy needs to do an action film or something.

Though I've sort of tired of his whole routine at this point, I AM considerably pleased that he's agreed (according to the most recent rumors I've heard) to come back for the potential "Arrested Development" movie. You need the entire Bluth Family intact for that to work, I suspect...

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Stu said...

Personally I think Michael Cera is awesome, one of my favourite actors around today. And he is doing an action film, he's currently in production of Edgar Wright's adaptation of Scott Pilgrim. So in the words of school children nerr nicky nerr nerr.


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Brandon said...

I don't think his shtick is any more lame than any other character actor (Bradley Cooper's "douche," Marcia Gay Harden's "concerned conservative mother," etc.).

When I was in school, my film professor showed us a 5min clip of Hugh Grant from all his movies batting his eyes (an example that as a director you need to notice and kill these quirks in the actors).