Thursday, August 20, 2009

James Cameron's "Avatar" teaser is blue, pretty

What's the deal with putting "From the director of 'Titanic'" on this trailer? I mean, yes, it's the most popular movie of all-time, but "Terminator 2" and "Aliens" are no slouches, either, and seem to have more in common with this intergalactic war film. Just saying...

This is pretty impressive stuff, in that it appears much of the film will center on the computer-generated Na'vi characters, and that they will spend much of their time emoting.

Though motion-capture has clearly come a long way, there have only been a few instances where I've really felt that it was used successfully to create a real, sympathetic, relatable character as opposed to just effects. Gollum is obviously still the gold standard for this, though I guess "Benjamin Button" last year was also impressive. Curious to see what Cameron does with it.

Anyway, clearly a must-see, and a movie we've been waiting to get a look at for a long time.

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