Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is it really that difficult to see the humor inherent in "Bruno"?

The film has not been screened for a large number of gays for a reason. Throughout the many private screenings [the filmmakers] have had, the reaction from gays has been almost uniformally one of alarm. It is not a scathing depiction of homophobia -- but a grotesque satire of homosexuality. BrĂ¼no is a sickening mixture of narcissism, fetishism and shallowness - and he is virtually the only gay representation in the movie. The 'homophobia' of the various straight men who he encounters and propositions, seems only natural when faced with such an odious sexual monster.

Why don't people understand comedy?

Listen, this is VERY EASY. Sacha Baron Cohen's characters are not intended as direct insults to minority groups. CLEARLY. They are ridiculous over-the-top caricatures designed specifically to illicit a REACTION from people who don't know better. By playing to every stupid, backwards stereotype Americans have about homosexuals (particularly European homosexuals), Cohen teases out prejudices that most bigots would not typically reveal to a movie camera.

You don't even have to have seen the "Bruno" film to know this. (I haven't seen it). This is what Cohen's characters ALWAYS DO, and it's what Bruno did on the old (ingenious) episodes of "Da Ali G Show." It's PATENTLY OBVIOUS. In fact, what makes the movies so hilarious is that the character is SO OBVIOUSLY a joke, a silly collection of quirks that could only be created by a comedian playing a prank on dumbasses.

The same thing happened when "Borat" was released in 2006...Simpletons complained that it was offensive to American immigrants or people from Central Asia. It's not. Try to get jokes, people...It makes them more funny.

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Anonymous said...

Saw it a few months ago. Before they cut it down to an R. The first thing I said to my friend once it was over was "I have no fucking idea how they're going to cut that down to make an R." Seriously. I can't wait to see it again to see how far they pushed the ratings board. I thought it was at least twice as funny as 'Borat.' Some epic cons in this one. And a certain scene with an early bf that was wtf crazy.