Thursday, June 18, 2009

In 2012, a bunch of skyscarpers will fall down and John Cusack will protect his family, just as the Mayans predicted...

Seriously, is the "end of the world" really just going to be the collapse of a bunch of high-rises? Because that's about all that happens in this trailer. Apparently, if you live in Nebraska, you're going to be totally cool.

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Conrad Quilty-Harper said...

I'm sorry but that trailer was AWESOME.

I thought it was going to be a movie with some pseudo-philosophical bullshit about the Mayans with writing credit given to some nutjob from 3rd St. Santa Monica.

Turns out it's just a whole lot of shit blowing up, Independence Day style. DOPE!

Lons said...

I mean, from an effects standpoint, it does look pretty impressive, and you know a Roland Emmerich film is going to look glossy and professional...but it also seems oddly repetitive, no? How many scenes in a single film need to include a plane taking off amidst extreme chaos, dodging rubble as it rises? That happens 3 times just in this trailer!