Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wolverine Walkthrough

Mahalo's new "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" walkthrough is coming along swimmingly. Follow our progress here:


I like Hugh Jackman in these films, but the movie was not great. Felt really scattered, like an attempt to just rehash information about Wolverine's past that had already been established in "X2," and then distracting fans with lots of extraneous mutant fighting. (A scene in which Wolverine faces off against Blob for no good reason is the most obvious offender, though Gambit is also awkwardly wedged in there unnecessarily).

If these fights were really epic and brutal, I'd probably be willing to forgive the overall lack of coherency, but they're choppy and largely unexciting. Often, you feel like most of the best individual shots and moments, such as Wolverine actually taking out a helicopter, are being edited out of the scene, so all you see is build-up and no pay-off.

Anyway, the game looks more fun, but after teh disappointment of the "Iron Man" tie-in, I'm going to wait and see what the public verdict is before investing.

Mahalo's guide is going to be VERY thorough. Where to find all the hidden costumes, action figures, dog tags...you name it. Which is good, because I hate when the game is easy but it takes forever because you have to find all kinds of dumb hidden crap.

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