Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is the Kindle DX too big?

I say...maybe. I know a nice big screen probably makes for more comfortable reading...but at this point, you might as well just carry a book around with you. Isn't the whole point of a Kindle that you can take your reading material with you easily wherever you go? Lugging this thing around is like having a laptop, which you can already use to read books if you so choose.

Am I missing something?

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C.K. said...

I have the Kindle 2 and love it. I'd love this bigger one b/c of the PDF support. What you're missing is 2 things:
1. It isn't one book. It's all the books. Not just the over 1000 the device carries, but also magazines and newspapers just magically showing up on the device when they're released, PLUS entire Amazon store of books available for quick download.

2. The screen. E-ink is sooooo much nicer than a laptop screen for your eyes. Actually if there were a laptop with an e-ink screen I would totally go that route and forego color.

Lons said...

Well, fair enough, but how many books am I really going to need when I'm on the go? I guess for long trips, it'd be nice, but I could bring one book with me per day and probably be alright for reading material, no?

As for the screen, I haven't used one, but I don't doubt that you are right and it's preferable to reading off a laptop.