Saturday, May 02, 2009

Get Your Walk Score

What is Walk Score?

We help you find a walkable place to live by calculating a Walk Score for any address.

Walk Score is a pretty clever idea for a website. You type in your address (provided you live in one of the 40 largest American cities) and it gives you a "walkability" score for your neighborhood. They also provide a list of the 138 most walkable areas in major cities around the country.

My neighborhood gets an 82 out of 100, which has got to be well above average for LA. I was surprised to see Downtown LA on the list as one of the nation's most walkable neighborhoods...not because there isn't a lot to DO in a relatively small area, but because it's largely gross. Apparently, aesthetic considerations do not factor in quite as much as sheer density of restaurants/parks/bars and other sites of interest.

Still, I could definitely see checking in with this resource if I were considering a move.

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David said...

i am sad to say my immensely walkable neighborhood only scored a 68. I'm surprised it actually missed some key stores, restaurants, and libraries.