Sunday, April 19, 2009

YYY's "Zero" on Letterman

I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeah's on Conan when "Fever to Tell" was coming out, and it was terrible. Kind of put me off the idea of seeing the band live, even though I like their first EP and full-length a lot.

Now I see this clip from Letterman the other night and they sound really good. Perhaps it was just an off night?

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Nathan said...

Sup Lonzors? I've never liked the Yeah yup yars, and this video hasn't changed my mind. I saw some pretentious documentary a while back about the "no-wave" bands of the 70's, and Karen O was interviewed alot for some reason. It was really kind of embarrassing. I don't think I can ever remember seeing someone from a semi highly regarded band coming off so poorly.