Sunday, March 08, 2009

Quick Maturity Check

I don't want to sound judgmental here, but if you see "The Watchmen" and feel the need to giggle at the sight of Dr. Manhattan's penis, or comment on how you did not appreciate seeing it later, you kind of need to grow up. I mean, it's an animated penis. It has a place in the story and a reason to be there. It draws attention to two things:
(1) Dr. Manhattan is god-like, but he's still a real man with a real connection to the human race. His body is not entirely vestigial.
(2) Superheroes are frequently depicted as larger-than-life in comics, whereas "Watchmen" ponders what they would be like if they were, in fact, real people. Seeing Dr. Manhattan's genitals draw us back into this idea, reminding us that his heroics and supernatural abilities are nevertheless seated in a being that is tangible and recognizably human.
 We won't think you're gay just because you looked at a cartoon penis in a film. Grow the F up.

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Ray Manukay said...

Great post.

I really didn't notice any reaction to the nudity in my screening.


Besides your two excellent observations, I also like the idea that Dr. Manhattan sees clothes as frivolous and unnecessary. That it is a convention of the less evolved.

BTW...I really liked the movie despite my pessimism going in.