Saturday, March 14, 2009

If there's one thing that always amuses me, it's writing that is both sloppy and pedantic at the same time.

If you surf the Internet, you've seen the ads for IQ tests which claim: Barack Obama's IQ is (the numbers vary from 135-171); Joe Biden's is 150; Hillary Clinton's is 155 and so on. Naturally, Republicans are rated much lower and a fake article on the presidents' IQ once claimed that George Bush's IQ was the lowest of all. The ad goes on to ask-Are you smarter than...? Well, I am and I can prove it unlike all these so-called claims of how smart our newly elected president is.

This whole article is glorious. See, because Alicia Colon's thesis is: "I am smarter than Barack Obama." And in the course of "proving" this thesis, she makes a metric ton of logical and grammatical errors.

Care for another example?

"Many of my alleged intelligent friends told me that it was that memoir, Dreams from My Father that convinced them of how bright Obama is."

Alleged friends? She heard a rumor that these people were here friends, yet she's uncertain whether or not the friendship genuinely exists?

Okay, okay, one more...

"Besides how can you conclude that the planet is undergoing rapid climate change when we've only been documenting those records for a few hundred years? The planet was warmer before there were human beings on it."

The planet...was warming...before there were human beings on it...Oh yeah, this person's smarter than the first black president, a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School (and a former Constitutional Law professor AND the first black president of the Harvard Law Review).

But is he in Mensa? Case CLOSED.

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