Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In Which My CPU Becomes a Neural Net Processor...A Learning Computer...

UPDATE: Can't get enough possibly villainous robots? Then take a look at our guide to the Best Evil Robots of Ever! I was particularly proud of get Mega Man adversary "Cut Man" on there.

I went to a robot competition and filmed this Mahalo Daily. Now that I've hosted a few of these, I'm really starting to notice my fallback phrases and gestures. I've starred in a grand total of three Internet videos and my schtick's already getting old.

It took Eddie Murphy at least twice that long to run out of A material.

You've got to love a fat guy in a Dinosaur Jr. shirt and safety goggles talking seriously about robots. If that doesn't just scream "10 million views," I don't know what does, frankly. Give me a shower curtain rod and it's like "Star Wars Kid 2: The Quickening."

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