Friday, March 28, 2008

The Calacanis Effect is in Effect

I can't believe how many people must be following my boss, the incomperable Jason McCabe Calacanis, on Twitter. He linked to my Andrew Keen post a few hours ago, and I have as of now received several hundred pageviews from that single tweet! Jason Nation...I salute you...


Larry said...

Hmmm Internet FAME??? Or real life fame.... hmmm :)

Did you see my video of Google vs Mahalo??

Lons said...

Love the video. We all checked it out at the office today. Great job!

Sadly, I've still got to go with Internet fame. Sure, J-Cal's recommend earned me a few hundred links. But imagine if Howard Stern had mentioned my blog! Or Larry King! Or even Tom Leykis! We'd be talking thousands, hundreds of thousands, of hits.

Not trying to rain on the Web 2.0 parade here...but there's a huge gulf between being a Twitter all-star and a genuine celebrity. When the top Twitter users have an audience the size of the "Today Show," then it will truly be a marketing platform with serious impact.