Sunday, February 17, 2008

Michael Bay Demonstrates Signs of Possessing Sense of Humor...Scientists Baffled...

If Michael Bay is funny, why is all the comedy in all his films so completely tone-deaf? Perhaps some assistant whom he trusts just informed him this was funny, much as a translator might discreetly inform his boss that the Premier of Slovakia has issued another one of his trademark bon mots and a twitter of amusement might be an appropriate reaction.

Either way, it made me laugh:

[Found via Best Week Ever]


Brian said...

-btw, this word verification is very hard to do when you're drunk...i had to use the deaf version...and they're speaking terrorist!

Laura said...

That's hilarious. Nice that he has a sense of humor about himself. Although, you can't really take yourself too seriously if you make the kind of movies that he does.