Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So, drop what you're doing and go to Angry Ken immediately. My friend and fellow Mahalonian, Veronica, has live-blogged last night's "Hills" finale/reunion/thing and it's absolutely fantastic. I've been telling her she needs her own blog for a long time now, and this only once again confirms my theory. Just a taste...

Frankie Delgado just walked in and the show came back on, its pretty funny each time the show starts back they make sure somebody walks on the carpet so it can look like we are yelling for them. Brody ran up to him and damn I wouldnt mind being in between those two hot pieces of ass. (Ken: Stop!)

oh yah Ken took a picture of brody and I, and it came out like shit (thats totally Ken’s fault)

Jen Bunney just walked in, and I can smell the skank from here…the nost she has is made for a 5 year old. her and miss hilton must have gone to the same plastic surgeon…also she has some gnarly bruises on her legs, somebody had a kinky night


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