Monday, August 20, 2007

"Laguna Beach," "The Hills," "Newport Harbor"...Fake, fake, fake

I've been saying this for years, that these shows are clearly pre-scripted. You couldn't make documentary-style reality TV into this kind of glossy, multi-camera show. It just doesn't work. But people would never believe me. Seriously, I've had at least 10 arguments in the past two years on this very subject.

"I'm telling you, 'The Hills' is fake. They just make up pseudo-realistic stories about these kids and then have them act it out like it's happening to them live."

"But they cry on cue and stuff! No way Lauren Conrad's that good an actress!"

Surprise, surprise...It's FAKE:

They call MTV's "The Hills" a "reality" show, but we've had our doubts for some time. Fueling our skepticism, on Tuesday night, the star, Lauren Conrad, showed up at Da Silvano for dinner with three friends and a camera crew. One irked diner told us, "It was clear that this show is not a reality show. They took five takes of Lauren ordering dinner. The film crew took over the outside eating area by setting up lights and cameras everywhere. They should go back to California."

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Anonymous said...

actually, the post is not true, there were no lights, except maybe a table light they brought with them, and i definitely didn't see "takes". In fact, the crew looked bored to me having to shoot a really long dinner with the kids from the show.