Friday, July 20, 2007

SeeqPod...Totally Blown Out...

SeeqPod just somewhat blew my mind. iMeem is kind of nice...but like I said before, those :30 second clips were pissing me off. SeeqPod is a similar idea, only rather than relying on public-spirited individuals to upload full songs, it just searches all the mp3s already out there and plays them right in the search window PLUS it lets you embed what you've found!

I tend to test music search engines with "Sebadoh" for some reason. Not sure why. Maybe it's because they're not totally obscure, so it doesn't feel unfair, but it's going to rely on a bit deeper catalog than most big, popular artists.


SeeqPod found a BUNCH of results immediately. about something a bit more recent. Like, say, that Bat for Lashes single "The Wizard" I discussed a few days ago...


Bam! Done!

What's that? Does it have any old school hip hop?


iMeem's got some catching up to do. In fact, pretty much every other mp3 site on the Intar-Web has some catching up to do. This thing rocks...


I can't stop.


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matt said...

pretty sweet lons