Sunday, July 15, 2007

iMeem Officially Works!

It's actually kind of cool. I upload mp3's, they host them, then I can put them up on my blog. Not 100% sure what they're getting out of it. (There's a few ads, but isn't this a really expensive proposition, to host all this content?)

I mean, I have no real intention of joining their "social" community, as I can never seem to get really into the whole online social community thing, despite spending 140 billion hours a week online, which isn't even possible.

So it's just like a free hosting service, really, but as such, it's actually quite a nifty one. I notice that most users don't actually bother to upload their own music. (I should add, I am only uploading free, legal mp3's that I have downloaded from Official Band Sites or legit mp3 blogs, and I think iMeem actually polices for people uploading pirated music.) You can, if you so choose, just browse from songs on iMeem and add them to your profile, but unless the record company gives the A-OK, you just get :30 second clips.

So most people's iMeem profiles suck, because it's just a sample of a song, not a song. And who the hell wants to save song samples or share them with friends? My iMeem profile, however, will eventually be kickass. Right now, it's just two songs. Here's the second one. It's an awesome live collaboration between post-folk oddball Final Fantasy and Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon.

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