Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a dichotomy!

Apparently, starting failed wars based on fraudulent "evidence," spying on your own citizenry, hiring and firing federal employees because they won't violate their professional code of ethics and punish your political opponents, defending torture, suspending habeas corpus, looking the other way in the face of massive corruption and war profiteering, repeatedly undermining and outright ignoring the actions of Congress and leaking the names of undercover agents...these things are just politics as usual for a President. But permit a handful of brown people to remain in the country if they're willing to participate in a bloated, punitive bureaucracy? IMPEACHMENT!

Wonkette has braved the Pit of Despair and returned with these absolute GEMS from the Free Republic comments. If anyone could intentionally create more hilarious ignorance than what you are about to read, he or she would possess the greatest comic mind of our time. I'll include a few of my favorites, but you should head over to Wonkette and read the whole thing, as they say:

We still have Tancredo, Hunter and Fred Thompson on our side. This bill wont go anywhere when our representatives start receiving our faxes

An angry fax campaign? Are we doing 1985 over again and no one told me?

I’m done with him on this and many other issues. I’ll never vote for him again. Illegal invaders are going to kill us all.

Well, at least they're not going to support that third Bush term I was so worried about...Also, I'd like to just pause for a moment to appreciate the fact that this anonymous person feels the phrase "illegal invaders are going to kill us all" is a worthwhile addition to a serious, sober political discussion. I mean, say what you will about our friends who have entered our border uninvited...Occasionally, they play loud polka music, often following key futbol matches or in the midst of central religious holidays...But I haven't really noticed them plotting any kind of organized campaign of mass murder. Maybe they'll get to that after they've finished providing the rest of us with food, clean homes, child care services and handsomely-manicured lawns at bargain prices.

“BUSH SUCKS” And the leftists blogs are now PROUD of this fool! What a dichotomy.


My husband just recently retired and we where planning on going back to Texas but we are now seriously considering Australia. It looks better and better each minute. Our kids want to leave also !!! And you are right, we have been betrayed.

Far be it from me to DEFEND the Chimp-in-Chief, but I fail to see how this is a betrayal. He has always been relatively open about his feelings towards immigrants, and Spanish-speaking peoples in particular. He has appointed our first Latino Attorney General (however long that lasts...), has delivered speeches in Spanish and has repeatedly stated that he'd like to solve our immigration "problem" (I don't think it's much of a problem, but others seem to) without mass deportation.

So it's not really much of a betrayal. He still wants to kill all the Muslims, after all.

This is what happens when you kill 40 million unborn US citizens.

Of course a compromise on the immigration issue is the direct result of Roe v. Wade. Are you blind?

Look this is what it all boils down to, these people in Washington are no different than the celebrities in hollyweird,they do not respect the rule of law or the ten commandments. These people feel they are above the law and can do as they please. And that means they can turn the United States into a third world country.Right now these Washington jackasses are NOT paying attention to Iran because they are too busy making life easier for the RICH in MEXICO.

This comment really has it all. If it weren't so long, I'd have it put on a T-shirt. (But not this's perfect just as it is.)

"...these people in Washington are no different than the celebrities in hollyweird..."

This is true in many respects (though I can't believe anyone still thinks it's clever to refer to Hollywood as hollyweird). In fact, you could say that the people in Washington are no different from people anywhere, in that we are all people and act in a fairly predictable manner most of the time.

"...they do not respect the rule of law or the ten commandments..."

These are the same people, recall, that want to let George Bush violate all sorts of laws if it will help us continue not really fighting terror. But we can't break the rules even a tiny bit as part of a political compromise, oh no. That's an impeachable offense! As for the Ten Commandments thing, I would bet $1 million (if I had it) that the author of this comment does not always respect all ten of those bad boys. No one does! You're not allowed to covet anything. You know how hard it is to never covet, ever? And I'm not even talking about "your neighbor's wife, nor his ass" (which always made me laugh back in my Jew School days). Even his stuff you're not allowed to covet. What if he has a Nintendo Wii? That shit's awesome!

Also, I fail to see how providing the hope of a green card several years down the road for Mexican families who don't break the law and contribute to society violates any of the Ten Commandments. To be sporting, I'll even concede that he or she means the Christian version (the Director's Cut, if you will), and not the compromised original version, with all the unnecessary voice-over.

These people feel they are above the law and can do as they please"

Bear in mind, he or she is talking about the President's immigration policy, not all the times he boldly stated tha the was above the law and can do as he pleases. I mean, this is not a surprise to anyone who isn't a Free Republic regular, but the fact that it took a little bit of understanding and compassion (just a teensy little itty teeny tiny bit) for these people to realize it just demonstrates how upside-down and perverted their view of the world has become. In other words, breaking the law doesn't make someone "above the law"; disagreeing with hardcore Bill-the-Butcher-style nativists does. (By the way, Gangs of New York just gets more powerful, insightful and timely every time I watch it. Modern masterpiece, deal with it.)

"And that means they can turn the United States into a third world country."

Again, we get rare insight, but it's buried under such heaping mounds of bullshit, there's no way it can be accessed. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their corporate cronies really do want to shift America to a Third World model. (Ironically, many of the pseudo-theocratic Middle Eastern dictatorships, with their emphasis on centralized power and close collusion between the key industries, religious authorities and political leaders, provide a roadmap for where George and Dick would ideally take America.) Their agenda has been clear from the beginning: continually entrench the upper-upper-upper class in power and wealth, forcing everyone else into a state of desperate, easily-controlled near-poverty. Or, failing that, outright poverty.

But this immigration policy is not some sort of magic bullet designed to explode the heart of the American Dream. There are definite big business interests behind the decision - several influential industries rely on cheap immigrant labor to thrive. But what matters is the cumulative effect of years of Bush administration nightmare-policies, from the upper-class tax cuts and estate tax repeal onward. The GOP plan has been the same for my entire lifetime - eat away at social services from within, then wait for them to fail and use it as an example of "the failure of government."

I saw WSJ hack John Fund make this very case on Bill Maher's show tonight. He was arguing that we should essentially get rid of government services because the government can't do anything right, and then used the postal service and the DMV as examples. This is bad stand-up comedy as political rhetoric. Sure, we've all waited in obnoxious lines at the DMV, but the suggestion that this should guide one's political philosophy is complete ridiculous humiliating nonsense that the guy should be embarrassed to suggest.

America remains one of the world's wealthiest nations and the fact that we have next to no social safety net left, that we are beginning to resemble a Third World country in some significant ways (such as, oh I don't know...disaster preparedness and relief...) is a deeply important observation. But Freepers can't come to this conclusion from any other perspective than Hate. They're just smart enough to recognize George Bush for the villain he is, but they're only angry because he doesn't hate browns enough.

Right now these Washington jackasses are NOT paying attention to Iran because they are too busy making life easier for the RICH in MEXICO.

And there you go...the hate cycle is complete...Bush is bad because he's not mean enough to the Muslims and the Mexicans. One has to wonder how much more attention the Bush administration could possibly pay to Iran in order to satisfy this person. Anything short of personal 24 hour surveillance simply will not do. We gots to put a hurtin' on someone!

Ezra Klein posted a fascinating graph the other day. It depicts the amount of government-mandated vacation time in a variety of countries. Out of 21 depicted countries, including Italy, Japan, Greece, France and Australia, the only one with absolutely no state-mandated vacation time is our country, the United States. What's wrong with us? This is SO OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT. Why? Because life sucks if you have to work all day, every day, year round. A-duh.

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