Thursday, March 22, 2007

Insert "Spinal Tap" Reference Here

Some guy in Flint, Michigan may have figured out how Stonehenge was built. His technique is so thuddingly obvious, it's hard to believe no one had pieced it all together before. I a species, we can design the microchip, but no one had ever determined that you can spin a very heavy stone around on a rock?

Perhaps it's not that Wally is so much more CLEVER than anyone else for figuring this out, but that people who aren't Druids don't bother to test out elaborate theories like this in their backyard. I mean, I get that the guy is retired, but where does one find the hours in the day to slowly adjust heavy stones atop rocks in the hopes of reverse engineering British tourist attractions? I can barely manage two loads of laundry and a haircut in a whole weekend.

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Sharkbait said...

Hehe. So incredibly awesome. So fucking dumb and easy.