Saturday, March 20, 2010

God of War 3 Walkthrough

Oh, how I wish "God of War III" were not a PS3 exclusive. Seriously, I love love love my Xbox, but sort of feel like the PS3 exclusives pwn the Xbox exclusives, especially now that the "Bioshock" series is available for everyone. (I like the "Halo" series, but I don't really LOVE it, and I don't know...can't build up enthusiasm for "Mass Effect").

Anyway, the idea of a kickass action game set in the world of Greek Mythology intrigues me. I've been following along the development of the GOW 3 walkthrough and HD walkthrough videos of the game for Mahalo and would really like to try it out. Anyone got a used PS3 they're looking to sell? To eBay!

Check out the in-progress Mahalo God of War 3 Walkthrough here:

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world of warcraft gold seller said...

I believe not, coz what gaming company most do after they release a copy at PS3 they immediately launch it too at Xbox or vice versa. They always maximize sales of their product, but really thanks at the walkthrough I really enjoy it playing my GoW3 on the second time around.

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Excellent game, I haven't had play it because I just want to finish the god of war collection first. Because I didn't have a ps2 so I didn't play it.

Elliott Broidy said...

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