Monday, February 02, 2009

Can Someone Seriously Explain This To Me?

For real. I don't get it. What the hell IS this? Is this supposed to be for children? Is it meant to be funny? Is this ironic? Why is this happening?

I mean, okay...Steve Martin's not actually funny any more. Fine. Fair enough. It happens. But that doesn't begin to explain this video.



Jonathan said...

Yeah, this has to be for kids. Apparently the banjo album itself is pleasant, family-friendly stuff, and Steve just made a bad choice by doing the kids song on SNL where it seems very out of place.

I will always be an SM defender (Steve Martin, Stephen Malkmus, Sergio Mendes...they're all good in my book). I think he's doing his family-friendly stuff these days because it's making him more money than every before. Based on box office revenue, the Cheaper By The Dozen movies are the most successful he's ever done!

Cory said...

he's always played the banjo and is pretty good. i enjoyed his playing. yes, i can see how it could be confusing since it's SNL and people are expecting comedy. but he's pretty good at the banjo, and i didn't mind a straight-up performance.

Cory said...

ok - i probably should've watched the clip first before commenting. please disregard.