Friday, November 13, 2009

COD:MW2 Walkthrough

Yeah, it's a terrible acronym.  Memo to Activision...Cool shorthand ways to refer to your game are key to its success.  Think GTAIV.  That's perfect...everyone knows what you mean, and it's distinctive.  What about "Call of Duty: Eternal."  That would have an awesome acronym.

Anyway, we've been playing through the game here at Mahalo and it's super-violent, almost troubling, and very realistic.  It's a lot of fun, if you're into all that blood-and-guts stuff.  So, basically, if you're a gamer.

Games like these still sorto f make me nostalgic for "Counter-Strike."  I'm not sure I've played another FPS multiplayer game to this day that I've enjoyed that much, even though I used to get annihilated by 12-year-olds regularly.

Anyway, if you're playing through the game this weekend, check out Mahalo's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 walkthrough.  We'll be working on it for a while yet, but it's already among the most thorough and complete walkthroughs of the game out there.

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Emforce said...

Nice thanks for the walkthrough. Btw check out my Modern Warfare 2 Online tips! Hope you enjoy!

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ha i love mw2 online can be fustrating but solo campaigne is solid

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