Friday, October 16, 2009

Brutal Legend Walkthrough

We're hard at work here at Mahalo on the Brutal Legend Walkthrough page.  The game seems pretty fun - Jack Black voices a roadie who winds up in a hellscape known as "Heavy Metal."  Apparently the game combines action, racing and Real-Time Strategy but all the clips I've seen look essentially like an action game, albeit one with a relatively open world to explore.

It's rare to find a really enjoyable, playable game with a big sense of humor.  (That first "Sam and Max" game was kind of fun, I suppose, and there's always the "Monkey Island" series.)  Usually, in-game "comedy" is done "Duke Nukem"-style.  Little repeated one-liners that play whenever you do a certain move or something.  Weak.

Anyway, Mitchell is working on the walkthrough right now, as he plays through the game, and we've got lots of videos on there as well. 

It's a great intro to the game if you're considering picking it up.

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Juan Aguilar said...

You should really look into some of the old point and click games from LucasArts. Grim Fandango was very humorous and unique.