Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sam Raimi to Direct World of Warcraft?

Well, I don't have concept art. I don't have the firm release date, but I do know who is directing the WORLD OF WARCRAFT film and that is Sam Raimi. It will come out in trades later this week or next. But you can take this one to the bank. Sam is going to make a huge budget fantasy bit of unfuckingimaginable coolness - and it will be yanked from the WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

Now - isn't that the sort of Awesome we're supposed to get to kick start Comic Con with? I think so.


I love fantasy, I like Warcraft games (though I've never gotten into WoW) and I love Sam Raimi, but this is NOT a good fit. After seeing the genius of Drag Me to Hell this summer, I am more convinced than ever of one simple fact: Sam Raimi needs to get the hell out of his own way.

He's just NEVER going to be James Cameron or Steven Spielberg. He's a low-budget horror movie director at heart, and when he's trying to branch out, the results are usually not pretty. When he's making a tongue-in-cheek horror film, or an intimate character-driven thriller like A Simple Plan, you can just FEEL his enthusiasm leaping off the screen. In contrast, Spider-Man and For the Love of the Game are hollow and soulless.

The second Spider-Man is almost the exception to this rule. It's an above-average comic book film, though not one that I ever feel like revisiting or that I would rate with the best of the genre. But that's also the only film in that series where he got to kind of let his particular, idiosyncratic, wacky side loose. (I'm not sure WHAT'S going on in the third one...Maybe that's when Tobey Maguire let HIS idiosyncratic, wacky side loose.)

Essentially, the bigger the budget, the more Sam Raimi gets lost behind shiny special effects and plodding, lazy storytelling. And a World of Warcraft film, by definition, will have to be uber-massive.

Surely SOMEONE else could make some room for this in their schedule...I'd even throw, say, Zack Snyder or Ridley Scott into the mix before I'd hand this over to Sam Raimi.

It's not just because I think he tends to flub big-budget, major studio properties, but also the opportunity cost of NOT getting any more really awesome, really Sam Raimi-esque movies for the years he has to spend laboring over this leviathan.

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Tim Highdecker said...

This should be great news for all WoW fans out there...

world of warcraft gold said...

I have been looking forward to a Warcraft movie. Lets just pray that Blizzard has learned from the failures of other video game/comic book based movies and not make the same common mistakes.