Friday, July 10, 2009

The Daily Grind

Here's the scenario...You're a mixed martial artist who has gained some level of notoriety. You're being interviewed for an Internet video. The host, a comedy lady, tells you she has an idea for a romantic comedy that would star the two of you...

So here's the question: Is it then appropriate to just start dry humping her? I mean, on the one hand, she's just making banter with you for the purposes of an entertainment show, apparently has no desire to engage in any sort of intimate or physical contact with you, and you're being filmed. But on the other hand...I mean, come on..."romantic comedy"...Am I right?

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Brandon said...

ha ha, she laughed, this is funny.

what if i just kept going a little longer?

i've been doing it this long, why not just keep going?

holy shit, why isn't she doing anything? hell, i'll just keep going until someone tells me to stop.

jesus christ, why hasn't anyone told me to stop? this is surprisingly tiring.

fuck, i didn't think of a funny way to end this, i guess i got to keep going.

jesus, woman! this is embarrassing, please tell me to stop!

Lons said...

Yes, that moment was the producer essentially has to come over and "tag him out" is perhaps the most hilariously excruciating (or excruciatingly hilarious?) of all. Like, "OK, champ, all done..."