Monday, May 18, 2009

My god, you mean to say that, should the worst happen, the VP will be at HIS OWN HOUSE??!?

Dick Cheney is getting a nuclear bunker. Or a spy tunnel. Or a helicopter landing pad. Or maybe nothing at all.

Rumours are rife in Washington about the nature of building work being carried out at the Naval Observatory, which includes the official residence of the vice-president of the United States.

But though regular blasts and construction traffic show that something is going on at 1 Observatory Circle, no-one will say what it is.

Yeah, I'm not saying that Joe Biden isn't prone to making stupid absent-minded gaffes. He does it all the time. In fact, Joe Biden says hilariously silly things so often, you don't need to invent them when they don't really happen.

Everyone has known since 2002 that Dick Cheney had a bunker built under his house. Because Dick Cheney was a paranoid motherfucker, and he was making a huge crazy racket under his house in 2002 when the thing was built. This is an article from the BBC back then...The first sentence of the lede is "Dick Cheney is getting a nuclear bunker."

Getting angry at Joe Biden for revealing this is like getting upset at Leonard Maltin for revealing that "Shakespeare in Love" beats "Saving Private Ryan" for Best Picture. That shit already happened...

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