Sunday, February 22, 2009

Given My Track Record, Expect a "Reader" Clean Sweep

It seems like whenever there's one movie nominated for an Oscar that I truly disliked, that STANDS OUT to me as one of the year's biggest disappointments of most memorable turkeys, that's the movie that wins.

I thought for sure "Brokeback" had the Oscar all sewn up that year, and then what comes along and topples it? "Crash," the most embarrassing Best Picture winner in decades. Seriously, does anyone continue to watch or discuss that nonsense? It's reign of influence and importance was over before the afterparties disbanded.

So bearing that in mind, I'd bet the farm on "The Reader," because I was at least tolerant of all the other nominees.

I'll be liveblogging the event over at Here are some of the pages we've been prepping:

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Brandon said...

"Crash" could at least warrant sitting through until the end.

"A Beautiful Mind," however, was one of the most unbearable films I've seen in the last decade.