Thursday, August 07, 2008

And Now, the Best Review of Anything, Ever

The OxyWeb blog has released its hotly-anticipated "Top 5 Tech News and Gadget Video Podcasts Worth Watching," and I'm proud to say that Mahalo Daily has made the list at #4. Just look at the praise they're heaping on our modest little show!

This one is more of a variety show than tech, but ignoring that fact, it’s a worthy addition to the list. It’s hosted by the lovely Leah D’malio and some fat dude. Mahalo Daily provides a look at anything and everything from Comic Con to graffiti removal in LA. It can be a bit hit and miss but the “This Week in The Youtube” are well worth watching, everything else is a bit “meh”.

Some fat dude! I have truly arrived...


CajoleJuice said...

Maybe some day you can be *that* fat dude.

312195850 said...

We love you Lon!

N E said...

Clearly that SOB doesn't know what a star you are and to think Leah made me write it is pure sensational filth. The post has been edited ;)

Keep up the great work and keep the "This Week In Youtube" videos coming :D