Monday, May 26, 2008

Both If We Could?

This clip is seriously over the line, even by Fox News standards. Contributor Liz Trotta, in discussing Hillary Clinton's ill-advised comparison of Obama's campaign and that of Senator Robert Kennedy, first calls the 2008 candidate "Osama" and then openly calls for his assassination.

Seriously. She said "Some are reading it as a suggestion we should knock out Osama"...then corrects herself to say, "Obama," then says, "well, both if we could." Implying that she's like it if "we" could "knock out" both terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden AND Senator and Democratic candidate for President Barack Obama.

I think, when a network is openly calling for the assassination of a contender for the presidency, that's when it's time to seriously begin questioning their journalistic credentials, no?


A.R.Yngve said...

Why, that's gross slander! FOX News has never had any journalistic credentials!

tyson crosbie said...

Seriously Lons you are a little late to the party on calling out fox news.

Lons said...

Well, it's not really the first time I've discussed the network.

I just thought this woman's statement was particularly vile. Hence the sentence: "This clip is seriously over the line, even by Fox News standards."

I mean, she says she'd like to see America "knock out" a popular candidate for President, immediately after conflating him with an infamous terrorist! Yeah, they're biased and full of shit and frequently racist. But I've still never heard Sean Hannity openly call for a political assassination. At least, not on Fox News. Maybe he's said that on the radio. I can't be sure.

Jeff said...

I don't understand why Fox News is even considered a legitimate News agency. Why do officials and politicians reward this network with their presence? It's scary to watch sometimes. (from outside of America)